Renewing the Website of World’s oldest studio

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Renewing the Website

About the project:

It was really great to work on a project of the world’s oldest media studio and a leading entertainment company focused on the production and global distribution of film and TV content across all platforms.
The project started at the usual time but ended up in lockdown, entirely different circumstances. Clients were aware of the situation and still, we had not let the project know about the challenges we faced. We as a team made no difference in our efficiency, the timing of the work, efforts during the project and before the launch, all kept steady. As a result, all the launches were made on time and we got appreciation from our clients just like those good old pandemic-free days with no difference at all.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Creating Test Cases
  • Conducting weekly releases
  • Managing Hotfixes
  • Performing regression & smoke testing as per requirements.
  • Performing Cross-Browser and cross-platform testing.

Challenges in the Project:

Every project has its own challenges and we always welcome every challenge as it helps us in building our strength and make us better. Here are a few challenges that we dealt with:

  • It was an American project so releases are used to schedule as per American standard timing, before the launch we have to be available late in the night.
  • Sometimes we had to attend the calls/meetings in very unusual times.

Fun in the project:

We as a team dealt with a hard time of pandemic during the project with hard work. Good sense of humour among the project-mates was very helpful in putting a smile on the face and keeping the mind calm.

Tools and Technology used:

  • Jira/Excel sheet: For Bug Tracking & Test case creation
  • Lightshot: Used for Taking screenshots and Highlighting the bug and affected area.
  • TinyTake: Used for recording screen, making a video of the bug and taking screenshots.
  • CSS: It is a web extension used for mapping dimension and other CSS elements on the web pages.

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