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Medical Devices Testing

In the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry, medical devices play a crucial role in patient care. To ensure a superior and safe experience for patients, medical device manufacturers rely on software innovation. However, software development also introduces the risk of defects and bugs. This is where our expertise in medical device testing comes into play.

As a Certified Organization and trusted partner of leading medical device manufacturers and users, we specialize in software testing for medical devices. We possess deep domain knowledge, familiarity with local and federal regulations, and the technical capabilities to support comprehensive testing for these devices.

At Fleek IT Solutions, our dedicated Medical Devices Testing CoE (Center of Excellence) experts are adept at verifying and validating software for a wide range of medical devices. From surgical instruments and contact lenses to ultrasound scanners and orthopaedic implants, we ensure the reliability and performance of these critical devices.

Additionally, our expertise extends to testing smart and AI-based medical and healthcare devices. Whether it’s intelligent beds, sterilization equipment, or tool kits for pets, our skilled professionals can assist clients in thoroughly testing these innovative devices.


Medical Device Software Testing

With Fleek IT Solutions as your testing partner, you can be confident in the quality and safety of your medical device software. We help you navigate the challenges of medical device testing and implement industry guidelines and best practices throughout the software testing lifecycle. Contact us today to ensure the reliability and compliance of your medical devices.

Key Features and Benefits

We begin by thoroughly analyzing the requirements and specifications of the medical device under testing. This helps us gain a clear understanding of the device’s intended use, functionality, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Based on the requirements analysis, we develop a tailored test plan and strategy for the medical device. Our experienced testing team defines test objectives, identifies test scenarios, and outlines the test coverage to ensure comprehensive testing.

We meticulously design test cases and test scripts to cover all critical aspects of the medical device. Our test design process focuses on functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, security testing, and any other specific testing requirements.

We execute the designed test cases and scripts on the medical device, following industry best practices and standards. Our skilled testing professionals meticulously validate the device’s functionality, performance, interoperability, and reliability.

Any issues or defects identified during testing are logged, tracked, and managed using a robust defect management system. We prioritize and communicate the identified issues, allowing the development team to address them promptly.

We ensure that the medical device complies with applicable regulations and standards, such as FDA regulations, IEC 62304, ISO 13485, and others. Our testing process includes thorough verification and validation to meet the necessary compliance requirements.

We provide detailed documentation and reports that outline the testing activities, test results, and any identified issues or recommendations. This documentation serves as valuable evidence of the testing conducted and aids in regulatory submissions, audits, and compliance processes.

We offer continuous support to our clients, even after the completion of testing. We provide assistance with test maintenance, test automation, regression testing, and any necessary retesting to ensure the ongoing quality and reliability of the medical device.