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Concentrate on your core business functions, deploy top-notch QA experts, and streamline software testing costs.

Immerse your team in core business tasks while entrusting your software testing needs to our exceptional QA experts. Our Dedicated QA Team brings unparalleled expertise to ensure the seamless optimization of your software testing costs. With a focus on efficiency and precision, we enable you to allocate resources wisely, allowing your business to thrive without compromise.

  • Benefit from our efficient QA solutions integrating seamlessly with your core tasks.
  • Rely on Fleek IT Solutions for transparent, reliable, and high-quality deliverables in every project.

Efficient QA Solutions: Focus on your core business activities as our top-tier QA experts at Fleek IT Solutions ensure optimized software testing costs. Established in 2016, we take pride in our team of certified QA professionals dedicated to delivering cost-effective and high-quality solutions. By seamlessly integrating commercial and open-source test management tools, automation frameworks, and efficient testing workflows, we navigate through the intricacies of application testing. With a commitment to transparency and trust, our QA team collaborates closely with stakeholders, guaranteeing deliverables that not only meet but exceed stringent quality standards. Experience reliable, results-driven QA solutions that propel your business forward in an ever-changing market landscape.

What is Dedicated QA Team?

For those immersed in software development, the significance of reliable software testing is undeniable. Establishing and maintaining an in-house QA department can be a daunting and expensive task. Enter our Dedicated QA Team model — a solution designed for swift onboarding of specialized professionals, working exclusively on your project. Operating seamlessly and remotely, our dedicated team actively participates in all project activities, providing comprehensive testing services tailored to your needs, ensuring top-notch quality from strategy development to execution across various testing domains.

Opting for a Dedicated QA Team is excellent if...

Enduring Excellence for Vast Projects

Experience unwavering excellence for your vast projects with our dedicated QA team.

Expertise Without In-House Testing

Acquire exceptional testing expertise for your projects without the need for in-house specialists through our dedicated QA team.

Swift QA Team Enhancement

Effortlessly boost the efficiency of your current QA team with our swift and seamless enhancement solutions.

Cost-Efficient Software Testing

Optimize your budget by trimming costs on comprehensive and effective software testing with our dedicated QA team.

Deep Project Immersion

Realize your desire for dedicated specialists fully immersed in every aspect of your project with our committed QA team.

Integrate Skilled QA Professionals

Meet your need for highly skilled QA professionals seamlessly integrated into your team for enhanced project excellence.

Advantages of Collaborating with Our Dedicated Team:


Immediately access a fully-equipped, well-organized, and collaborative QA team focused on efficiently testing your product.

Tailored Solutions

The QA team is constructed to meet your specific needs, with members selected based on relevant expertise. Adapt team size and structure as your requirements evolve.

Rapid Onboarding

Bypass time-consuming recruitment with a dedicated QA team that can be onboarded in just a week. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows and corporate culture.


Pay solely for the software testing services provided, eliminating additional expenses tied to in-house QA departments. Offshore QA teams offer significant cost savings, especially in regions like Eastern Europe.

Full Control

Exercise complete control over the dedicated QA team, with the ability to contact each team member at any time. Participate actively in discussions about ongoing issues and testing plans.

Scalable Team Dynamics

Flexibility at its finest! With the ability to swiftly upscale or downscale our dedicated QA team based on your requests, you gain unparalleled control over your testing dynamics.

Select Fleek IT Solutions for a worry-free dedicated QA team experience.

Our Approach to Establishing a Dedicated QA Team

Defining Goals, Needs, and Requirements: The initial step involves a comprehensive analysis of the Client’s needs, project size, and development process nuances. Our software testing experts determine the necessary team composition, size, and the skills and experience required for QA specialists. This insight allows us to tailor a dedicated QA team precisely to the project requirements.

Selecting Relevant Talents: Our resource managers meticulously review our maintained bench/talent pool, selecting individuals perfectly aligned with the Client’s requirements. Candidate CVs are then shared with the Client for consideration.

Conducting Interviews: While we strive to assemble the ideal team, the Client has the flexibility to conduct additional one-on-one interviews with potential team members. This ensures a thorough assessment of both soft and hard skills for a perfect fit.

Onboarding: Upon signing non-disclosure agreements and other essential documents, our software testing specialists commence their work. The Client or their representative guides the QA team, granting access to internal systems, selecting communication channels, and establishing the team meeting schedule. Fleek IT Solutions ensures the dedicated QA team has all the necessary resources for efficient project work.

QA Team Management: The Client or their representative directly manages the team without intermediaries. Fleek IT Solutions oversees the team’s progress, ensuring it has everything required to achieve the desired results.

Frequently asked questions

No, our team remains dedicated to your project, avoiding shifts between multiple projects. This exclusive commitment ensures that each team member possesses in-depth knowledge of the project and the ability to develop or test any application component.

If you choose to assemble a team of over 5 engineers, we offer the added benefit of providing multiple QA managers at no additional cost.

Indeed, they are integral team members who adhere to the project’s guidelines.

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