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Security Assurance

DevSecOps adoption holds immense potential for enhancing security and operational efficiency within organizations. However, integrating security into existing business processes, culture, and cloud environments can be a complex endeavor. With the rising threat of vulnerability attacks, it is crucial for application security teams to prioritize secure coding throughout the software development life cycle, rather than treating security as an afterthought.

The current state of security testing poses several challenges:
1. Incomplete Treatment of Security Risks: Without a comprehensive approach to addressing enterprise-wide security risks, organizations may face compliance and regulatory issues, leading to a loss of brand value and trust.

2. Late Identification of Security Risks: Delayed detection of security risks can result in additional verification and validation cycles, causing significant delays in reaching production stages.

3. Limited Pre-Go-Live Security Assessment: Due to the lack of thorough security testing before going live, organizations may face extensive rework and higher costs for service maintenance as only a subset of security risks are accounted for.

4. Fragmented Verification and Validation: Insufficient verification and validation across applications and services lead to lower efficiencies, as security activities are often not integrated into the development process.

5. Time-Consuming Security Alert Triage: Post-production, security operations (SecOps) teams spend significant time triaging, correlating, assessing risks, documenting, and retesting security alerts, averaging at least four hours per alert.

6. Lengthy Remediation Time: Development teams typically spend an average of 10 hours addressing security issues found in production, leading to extended timelines for vulnerability remediation.

On average, it takes 90 days to remediate all or serious vulnerabilities once they have been detected, posing a significant risk to organizations.

To address these challenges, organizations need a robust DevSecOps framework that integrates security seamlessly throughout the software development life cycle. By adopting proactive security measures, organizations can reduce the risk of compliance issues, accelerate time-to-market, minimize rework, and optimize resource utilization.

With our expertise in DevSecOps, Fleek IT Solutions empowers organizations to overcome security challenges and maximize operational efficiency. Let us guide you on your DevSecOps journey, enabling secure and streamlined software delivery while protecting your organization’s reputation and customer trust.

Security Assurance

Security Assurance

At Fleek IT Solutions, we offer comprehensive Security Assurance services to help organizations proactively safeguard their digital assets and mitigate potential risks.

Our Approach

We conduct thorough assessments to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure, applications, and processes. This enables us to develop a tailored security strategy to address your unique risk landscape.

Our expert security analysts perform comprehensive penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and code reviews to identify security gaps. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to remediate vulnerabilities and strengthen your security posture.

We evaluate your security architecture to ensure it aligns with industry best practices and compliance requirements. Our team identifies areas for improvement and implements robust security controls to protect against emerging threats.

We help you establish effective security governance frameworks and compliance programs tailored to your industry and regulatory requirements. Our experts guide you in implementing controls, policies, and procedures to maintain compliance and data privacy.

Why Chose Fleek IT Solutions?

Our experienced security professionals possess deep knowledge of industry standards and best practices, ensuring the highest level of security assurance.

We tailor our security solutions to meet your specific business needs, taking into account your industry, regulatory requirements, and risk tolerance.

We leverage state-of-the-art security testing tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and assess your security posture accurately.

We work closely with your team, fostering a collaborative partnership to understand your unique challenges and provide tailored solutions.