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Core QA Services

Fleek IT Solutions offers cost-effective full-cycle test management, independent and unbiased QA testing services by custom-tailored dedicated QA teams. Our dedicated teams work closely with project stakeholders, reports directly to the clients and ensure that our deliverable meets all quality standards.


Our QA team has a decade of experience in web application testing, website testing, web services testing, API testing, mobile application testing, IoT testing, BI & analytics testing, desktop testing, and console application testing.

We help Users to change their perception or response when in contact with a product design or service. It would make them want to have a repeat experience and that creates awareness on the functionality and quality of the product.

Our in-house experts are proficient in defining test strategies, test plans to ensure maximum test coverage right from beginning of requirement phase to deliver fully functional, bug-free and quality release of the product to end users.

With the increasing demand for agility in development processes, regression test suites are very critical to ensure that the outcome of new enhancements is not impacting the existing quality of the product. Impact analysis of any new implementation is the core of our regression test suites.


We offer integrated system testing and QA services that define, establish and validate functionality of a software product against system, business, and deliverable specifications. Our experience with latest tools & technology and focused approach on integration, adherence to design, interoperability, and potential exceptions during the system testing makes the application robust and consistent.

Our approach covers verification of the any reusable, focused, domain and commercial components irrespective of their size and complexity under various situations. It helps us to ensure that every individual component of the product works to its full potential and meets all quality parameter of its functionality, performance, security and integration aspects.

We understand the fact of lack of documentation, well-defined requirements, and QA involvements in the later stage of the product life cycle due to N number of business reasons. We begin our QA process with bare minimum details and start exploring product to build system understanding, defining test strategies, documenting test plans, finding defects quickly and speed up the delivery to the competitive marketplace.

Our technical expertise and sound testing procedures of database testing ensure the data validity, integrity, accuracy and best performance of the application database across all platforms. We have developed our own methodology and proficiency in DB testing which helps in getting accurate results of testing ETL processes, data analytics, recommendation engine algorithm, data migration, and GDPR compliance testing.

Our test strategy focuses on matrix and methodology to identify the optimum number of combinations to test compatibility of the product with different OS, browsers, devices, display resolutions, hardware configurations, servers, databases.

Fleek IT team acknowledge the fact that UI/UX and usability of the product is the most critical factor of product’s acceptance in any marketplace. Our QA approach always covers detailed user experience & usability analysis from the end-user point of view and works closely with the product and design team on improvements to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately, the overall success of the product.

We blend our approach of manual security testing with open source tools for static and dynamic analysis techniques, and to apply all possible security testing techniques like security audits, vulnerability scans, authentication, authorization, SQL injections, JS injections, XSS attacks, malicious file attacks, encryption, and penetration tests to ensure product security compliance.

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