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OpenLM – QA automation services

OpenLM is a leading provider of software license management solutions for engineering software applications. OpenLM software tools track large numbers of expensive software licenses that have been purchased by the organization and helps administrators reduce the number of licenses purchased but not used. OpenLM’s innovative solutions enable IT Directors, System Administrators and Software Asset Managers to get a clear view of the organization’s license inventory, effectively manage and monitor the actual usage, plan license maintenance and procurement, and optimize the utilization of expensive engineering software licenses. The OpenLM platform supports over 20 license managers including Flexnet, DSLS and Hasp, as well as thousands of CAD, GIS, CAM, PLM, electronics and automotive applications.

  • QA services to multiple products like OpenLM Broker, Token Flex system and Live monitoring which includes web and desktop based applications both.
  • Regression testing for each iteration
  • Creating/Managing test cases and test suites for all embedded projects within OpenLM.
  • Functional automation, creating/executing/scheduling the automation test scripts to validate the regression test suites for OpenLM Broker windows application.
  • Load testing
  • Implementing and maintaining functional automation test and automated integration test with team city as CI tool.
  • Most of the OpenLM tools are desktop application. Biggest challenge was to identify an open source reliable automation tool & framework which can deliver the desired results. After doing multiple POC and evaluations, we have successfully implemented automation using Java, Sikuli and TestNG.
  • Having very little knowledge about the system architecture initially and lack of proper documentation, we faced a challenge to understand and test the tasks properly. But we managed to work this out with our dedication and analytical abilities.

We have used following tools and technologies in this engagement so far, which we already have expertise in:

  • TFS – For defect and requirement management
  • VSTS – Test planning and test case management
  • Team City – Continuous integration and pipeline management
  • Sikuli, Java, TestNG – Desktop based apps automation (E2E)
  • GitHub – For code repository management